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Well Hello There

Hand-sketched Designers Vector Kit

Hi there :) Wow – first post – got to get started somewhere right? :)

Welcome to my blog -my name is Nicky Laatz, and this is a place where I’ll be putting up my latest artwork, and handing out a few freebies now and then – gotta share some of this love you know? :)

I have a passion for making pretty things – and often find myself not wanting anyone to tear me away from my beloved iMac…a bit of unhealthy obsession, thats making me a few beans :)

You can find my work here:

Creative Market -

Etsy :

Quite new to this blogging thing so bera with me while I learn the ropes!

In the mean time – heres my latest upload, you can find it here :

And a little freebie to share a little loving….Its a set of 4 Vintage Logo Templates – in Vector (Cs5) and Psd format. The fonts are free for personal use and you can find them in a font text file included…

You can get it by visiting my facebook page here and clicking on the freebies tab :) Enjoy!! If you like them you can find many more sort of logos in my Creative Market Shop