Well Hello There

Hand-sketched Designers Vector Kit

Hi there :) Wow – first post – got to get started somewhere right? :)

Welcome to my blog -my name is Nicky Laatz, and this is a place where I’ll be putting up my latest artwork, and handing out a few freebies now and then – gotta share some of this love you know? :)

I have a passion for making pretty things – and often find myself not wanting anyone to tear me away from my beloved iMac…a bit of unhealthy obsession, thats making me a few beans :)

You can find my work here:

Creative Market - https://creativemarket.com/Nickylaatz

Etsy : https://www.etsy.com/shop/cookiesandcreamshop?ref=si_shop

Quite new to this blogging thing so bera with me while I learn the ropes!

In the mean time – heres my latest upload, you can find it here :

And a little freebie to share a little loving….Its a set of 4 Vintage Logo Templates – in Vector (Cs5) and Psd format. The fonts are free for personal use and you can find them in a font text file included…

You can get it by visiting my facebook page here and clicking on the freebies tab :) Enjoy!! If you like them you can find many more sort of logos in my Creative Market Shop




3 thoughts on “Well Hello There”

  1. Welcome to blog world! Love your work, and looking forward to checking out your future posts. Looking forward to grabbing your freebie… awesome work as usual!!! ;)

    1. Thanks Olli!! Your site is gorgeous! And your work style is right up my alley :) – think I’ll be following you to from now on hehe! x

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